What products in your house contain Asbestos? Have you checked?

By | August 8, 2009

We use safety related products every day, we usually think of them as our friends: fire extinguishers, flooring, wall insulation, adhesive, shingles, sidings, fireproofing, fire blankets, brake pads…

We almost never think of these products as dangerous, but they could be: they may contain asbestos because of its fire retardant properties, and insulation properties. It was WIDELY used.

Unfortunately, for a long time, no one knew that it was also dangerous for our health. Unfortunately for thousands of workers, and their family members, the publication of the dangers of these products was delayed until the 1970’s, and many thousands of workers have already died.

Thousands more will die from Mesothelioma cancer because of exposure to these products either in their manufacture, usage or disposal. For many people, it is already too late as they deal with advanced stages of this cancer.

But for your family, perhaps, you should look around your house, car and workspace, and make sure that there is no asbestos dust floating around from poorly maintained insulation or flooring. Have you checked?