Weight loss products vs a box of fruit and veg? Which will help more?

By | March 7, 2009

You’ve seen them on the TV, on the late night channels, in magazines, on the net, those expensive weight loss products? I was watching the TV show on BBC World, called Fast Track, in which the presenters are encouraging two business travelers to lose weight.

The series is called “FIT TO FLY on fast:track: our health and fitness guru, Mark Bailey, helps two business travellers to lose weight. Follow his weekly weight-loss tips.

On the first day, the coach handed them a box of vegetables, and told them that they had to each one box each day. It makes sense because most of us do not consume enough raw fruit and veg each and every day. I just wonder what the coach’s motivation was. It was never explained….

Still, a box of raw fruit and veg and nuts to stave off the hunger would help you avoid wasting expensive weight loss products or, worse, purchasing snack food! Might give it a try.