Vote for Independence

By | September 9, 2014

In my visits to Edinburgh, despite being an expat in Asia, I sense that most people on the streets just want the chance to build a fairer society, make decisions that make a difference, and have a say in their own government. But to get that, they have to vote for independence.

The alternative is: a Tory Led coalition (the Tories haven’t had a majority in Scotland since 1955), with a bunch of liberal types who will lose their seats at the next election in Scotland because of their deal with the Tories, or Labour who will continue most of the divisive policies anyway.

There really isn’t much choice: people do not like the current situation, the current British government… and independence gives them a way to change that. If Scotland chooses that path, then so be it. Nobody really cares whether they use the Euro or the pound or the Scottish pound… that’s just the icing on the cake… the real debate is about taking a chance to determine your own future as a nation.

And the rhetoric from London that keeps MISSING THE POINT. The Scots don’t see it as a choice of "Better Together"… they’ve already seen that. They don’t like that, they probably don’t want it (much).

The Better Together is a continuation of the status quo. More centralized government, more taxation by stealth, less services for people who need them, less opportunity, less health care, less educational opportunities, … how is that attractive?

The irony is that the PM carries a proud Scots surname. It would be really ironic if he presided over the break up of the parliamentary union and was ousted as PM as a result. Nobody’s considering that outcome … yet it could happen.