Unhealthy addictions… Do you have one?

By | February 18, 2008

Caffeine – that’s been my drug of choice for quite some time. I do consume quite a bit over the course of a day. I prefer to consume the caffeine in hot forms: like expresso, cappuccino or, occasionally, some other mix. And I like it strong.

In fact, one time my addiction to the substance was driving me to use nearly a tablespoon of instant coffee in each cup. I do enjoy the powerful and delightful aromas of the expresso.

Once or twice, though, I’ve had to stop taking caffeine because of sickness. And it’s been quite a change: I’d had headaches for a few days, then withdrawal symptoms. After that I swore I’d never start drinking it again.

But once I did, I enjoyed it. Am I addicted? Perhaps yes. Is it a dangerous addiction? No, not like some other substances: drugs, alchohol, etc.. I got off pretty lightly with my ‘addiction’ but I do know that beating real addictions requires a lot of support, advice, and time. A good drug treatment program will help those who really struggle with their addictions.

There are many good ways to help giving up your addictions, but finding ongoing support is going to be crucial if any treatment program is going to work.