Many people fear foreign travel for a variety of reasons. But one that pops up is the ‘what if’ problem… What if I get sick or have an accident? And it could happen.

I heard of one guy who wasn’t used to the traffic situation in Taiwan (briefly ‘chaotic’) and ended up being run over by a motorcycle on the sidewalk!

I did say chaotic! Take a look for yourself!

While I can’t advise on particular medical assistance program, it’s a good idea to have some kind of emergency plan in place BEFORE it happens. While you can’t predict EVERYTHING, having some idea of who to contact and what to do or say, can help prepare you for that day.

Most people assume an emergency plan covers everything, every eventuality… actually a better summation would be: it covers contingencies, and provides support. It’s always better than nothing.

And the traffic is fiercesome here: motorcycles on the sidewalk, cars weaving on the road, pedestrians jaywalking everywhere, frequent red light accidents, … one of my friends even reports seeing chunks of a motorcycle rider after an unfortunate accident.

The streets of Taiwan can be mean to the unwary and unprepared.