Tamsui Community News: Bronto Skylift to the rescue!

By | April 5, 2008

It’s a sad event when a person jumps from a tall building like ours. Last Sunday we were just heading out when an older lady decided to do just that. We don’t know much of the facts other than she succeeded in ending her life. Unfortunately it also created quite a spectacle outside on the street, added to the usual Sunday traffic jam, and brought back some unpleasant memories when a family member of mine did the same thing.


Rather than take any pictures of the event, I decided to focus on one of the amazing Bronto SkyLifts that are used by local fire brigades for daring rescues in some of our highest buildings in Tamsui. This is quite a truck.

While I’m no expert in Bronto’s I suspect this machine in the YouTube video is slightly smaller. Our building rises to over 20 floors or about 60 meters, so I guess ours can handle upto that kind of height. Amazing. And that guy working on top!