It’s difficult to know what winter wear to tell visitors to Taiwan to wear, especially if they come from climates that are really cold and where people wear cardigan sweaters even through spring.

When I first came here in February, it was a chilly 14C, and I ran around wearing a T-shirt and shortpants. It was like summer to me.

But after the adjustment sets in, even I need something a little more comfortable in the winter. Where we live in Tamsui, temps regularly drop to around 8 or 7 or even 6C in the midst of winter.

While not exactly arctic weather, it is still possible to die of hypothermia here even in the warmer parts of the island.

So, if you come from a hot climate, and you arrive in the winter months, prepare to be chilly in the north. If you come from a cold climate, bring reasonable winter woollies but nothing too much. You won’t freeze, unless you go up the mountains!

And enjoy!