Spring Heralds Renovation Season Galore

By | February 4, 2010

Perhaps it’s the impending arrival of Chinese New Year and the hasty onrush of Spring that spurs people to renovate their houses. But it’s always this time of year that the jackhammers come out and drill away walls, floors, and anything that stands in between it and a large renovation bill.

One friend’s house is being redone for about NT$1000000, but many people spend much more on their renovations: decorating the walls, redoing the floors, laying down new kitchens and bathrooms with all kinds of fixtures and fittings. Having just looked at the state of our kitchen and bathroom, though, I’m beginning to sense that (after ten years) our own house could be due for renovation, at least in the kitchen and bath areas.

I don’t think adding a few fancy Grohe faucets, shower fixtures and so on is really going to cut much ice with the wife. So we’d better start to budget our finances for this! Or it could be another several years before we actually get around to it.