Our business is fortunate becase we don’t need a lot of equipment, and most of what we need can be acquired easily, affordably, and quickly.

But if we were a larger endeavor, like a restaurant, can you imagine how much money the kitchen equipment alone costs? So, if you’re a small business, you have to find the capital to buy the equipment. And that’s a retail business, manufacturing or small to medium enterprises face really large capital purchase requirements when they start up or want to expand.

And with the ongoing credit crunch making small business equipment financing a tricky affair, small businesses are needing a lot of help getting started or expanding their operations. This is a very big obstacle that politicians don’t or can’t seem to solve.

Suggestions? Well, there aren’t many at the moment, but like a friend of mine, don’t be tempted to go to underground lending! They’ll eat you alive with their usurious interest rates, rates that make instore credit lines look like bargains!