Nice Niches: Lingerie makes good business sense

By | August 3, 2008

It’s true, fashion isn’t one of my real strengths! But I do have an interest in the business size of this… and I definitely enjoyed the behind-the-scenes style of the movie, The Devil Wears Prada.

Of course, choosing the right fashion niche in the online business world is a challenge. But with more and more women becoming horizontally challenged (whatever happened to Atkins?), plus size lingerie could be an excellent niche. After all, what woman doesn’t want to feel good about themselves? LingerieDiva is a wonderful example of how elegant and simple an e-commerce site can be.  Take a look for yourself.

lingerie diva

Why do I like the site? Well here’s a list of reasons:

  1. good taste in color scheme: soft pastels
  2. generous and fast-to-download pictures used throughout
  3. easy and obvious navigation bars at top, side and bottom
  4. fast and responsive server
  5. concerned with customers: free shipping, security, concerns over sizes, and customer returns.

Classy, well-organized… I just wish more sites were as good as this one!