Large Bottles vs. Small Bottles: Economy

By | January 13, 2011

I remember we bought a large bottle of one a day vitamins from Costco, and we used about one third! We also bought a large bottle of fish oil tabs. Similar story.

Then we bought a large bottle of Noni Juice. OMG, that was foul! I am afraid we only use 1/10th of the amount.

The conclusion: if you need a daily tab, then a larger bottle makes a lot of sense. But if you are an occasional ‘user’ it’s just wasteful, even if the price per tab is very competitive.

For example, a bottle of 100 tabs may cost $20, so each tab is $.20. Now if you use most of that (say 80%) then it’s cost you $20/80 or about $0.25.

However, if you buy a bottle of 500 tabs at $.10 per tab, and you may save a lot over a year, if you use them daily. But if you only use half your bottle (say 200) then that $50/200 is exactly the same price.

In those three cases, we experienced, we didn’t even get to 40% of the volume. Meaning, that it probably cost a lot more!