Keep your PC Clean!

By | November 29, 2011

I use a bunch of tools to tidy stuff up on my PC. Some of it very useful!

  1. including CCleaner
  2. Defraggler
  3. Recuva
  4. Speccy

I recently bumped up the memory on one pc, and was greeted by a much faster XP pc. Not bad given this thing is nearly 9 years old, has had several things replaced, and can still keep pace with my work – no intensive gaming here! The RAM cost an arm and a leg!

Newer pcs had the same ram at 1/8 of the price! Still … it makes a difference!
Oh, and keep backing up the stuff on your hard disk (PC & MAC users both!)… those things last a while, but they DO die… or so says the stack of old disks on my desk at work!

And the other thing that makes a difference: check what starts up when you turn on your PC! I keep mine to the absolute minimum… you’ve no idea what wants to start up! Bye, Adobe, Buy Itunes… if I don’t use it every day, it doesn’t get auto-started! This speeds up both boot up and operation!