Today is June 4th, the 19th anniversary of the protests of Tiananmen Square. It is a day that we should all remember. Yet here is one who cares not to remember but to trivialize the day by commemorating “Hot Air Balloons”.

googles june4th


So I wrote to Google the following message:

“I”m very disappointed that on this day of all days, Google chose to celebrate the first demonstration of a hot air balloon on its website, instead of remember the 1000’s who died in Tianamen Sq. in 1989.

Don’t you have a heart, a conscience, and a soul? If you do, why do you trivialize this day. There are plenty of other days to commemorate hot air balloons… But quite frankly, the suppression of civil and political rights is something that should not be trivialized.

What happened to “do no evil”?”

Let’s all remember June 4th, 1989 as a day of betrayal. It is the day the world betrayed the protesters in China by allowing evil to triumph. Let’s try to do better next time.