Home Design: Environmental, Efficient, and Elegant?

By | August 18, 2009

After the recent typhoon weather in Taiwan caused so many problems, I’ve been thinking a lot about environmentally friendlier living. For example, in Freiberg City in Germany, the concept of the passive house is gaining ground: a house that is entirely energy efficient even in the coldest winters. One resident was interviewed about it, and was told that they hadn’t turned on the heating system in MONTHS, and this was in the MIDDLE of winter.

Of course, such living styles require appropriate house plans, in other words, your house can’t really be that huge. It’s perhaps best for more modest lifestyles. But the interesting fact is that it can be done at all. One company called HDA Inc. has a lot of interesting house designs, which you can find at HousePlansandMore.com, some of the plans should be easily adapted to a greener lifestyle.

For those who harbor dreams of living in the lap of luxury, luxury dream home plans could be more challenging, and a passive house may not be viable with large hallways, marble flooring, and large internal spaces. However, you will be able to build more environmentally and energy efficient rooms and homes still. How?

Recycling older materials for construction, using equipment and materials that are environmentally more responsible; taking opportunities to create energy sources from wind (small turbines), sun (solar panels), and water will all help to cut the use of non-renewable energy sources. If you are planning a luxury house for your own personal home plans, you will be able to assuage your guilt at luxury living by taking into account the environment in a number of important ways. Who knows? Your house could start a trend, too!