Having Adsense Reporting Problems? They’re quite common!

By | November 4, 2011

If you have been having Adsense reporting problems since the end of September, then this is what Google sent me!

We’re writing you to let you know about an issue that affects your AdSense payments.
In your AdSense account you’ll notice that your September earnings are displayed as $0 on the homepage and don’t appear at all on the Payments page. While your earnings were correctly calculated and are securely stored, system issues have prevented us from displaying your correct earnings total and issuing your October payment, even if your account exceeded the payment threshold.
No action is required from you at the moment. We know that regular payments are important to you and sincerely apologize for the inconvenience.
We’re working diligently to resolve this issue as quickly as we can and will post an update on our known issuespage as soon as we have additional information to share.
Thank you very much for your patience and understanding.
The Google AdSense team

Hope this helps you. There have been many webmasters affected by this, myself included. Hope this keeps you posted!