Elephants do make noise…

By | December 3, 2011

Our neighbor, The Elephant is dragging furniture again! Each time she does it, it sounds like thunder. Perhaps I can pretend that it is!

Really drives me nuts! It seems to be like she can’t stand herself… and she takes her frustration out with a fury of cleaning… But apparently her husband chose the furniture. It’s big and heavy… she claims she can’t move it herself without dragging it.

All this came to light when we went to war over her noise a few months ago. But it seems that consideration of neighbors is low down on her agenda, compared to self-loathing, …

A common problem, I guess.

Things have improved. I have to emphasize the positive, but the slamming doors and dragging furniture have started again… so I’m worried that the real bane of our existence here (morning exercise) starts again… But things are about 50% better than when we complained. So we are thankful over little improvements!