Don’t snicker at Windows 98SE users, like me!

By | June 11, 2006

Actually, for those people out there who snicker at windows 98se users like me…

I'll tell you some facts:
1. its footprint is very small. I can run it in less than a Gig of space, comfortably, though 2-4 is better. try that with XP.

2. I can manage the partitions very easily with partition software, and have multiple partitions. because of the size and convenience, it's FAST.

3. I NEVER have activation or reactivation problems with WINDOWS 98SE. I already had problems with a legal OS needing reinstalled after upgrades to the system.

4. I have legacy files and software that I need to run, as the later updates are just crap. I used to use Works 4.5, which was great. I then used 6, 7 and 8. All junk. Not one of them was upto the standards of 4.5 or even Office 97.

5. On my souped up system, P4-2.4Ghz, with a few changes, it runs FAST.

6. It's mostly stable, too. (with partition software, any problems can easily be resolved.

whichever way I go, upgrading via XP or Linux, I will most likely run at least 98 in some form, either reinstalled directly or as a virtual system.

It's a bit flaky sometimes, but then so is XP.