Choosing the OS For Your Asus Eee PC Netbook

By | September 4, 2009

Most of the netbooks on the market at the moment are installed with Windows XP SP2 or 3 depending on when you buy it. Simply, the convenience factors are pretty huge. XP has a huge support base for drivers, for applications and for familiarity giving it a runaway gap over the nearest competitor.

Drivers: They don’t drive you crazy like Vista!

When you buy a card reader, a camera, or whatever USB device you need, you can simply plugin the device, and if it doesn’t install immediately, you simply open the CD that came with the device or download the appropriate drivers. Apart from the usual XP niggles when installing hardware, it works pretty much as it should.

Apps are applicable to every XP PC!

For applications, ASUS Eee PCs with inbuilt Hard drives or SSD with enough capacity, you can install your favorite applications such as Microsoft Office, LiveWriter, Picasa, etc. for whatever you need. Obviously, with the lower power chips, advanced gaming, movie editing, virtual PCs, and other higher performance computing requirements, it is simply impossible. But for most daily purposes, there’s plenty to spare in terms of performance for email, surfing, documents, etc.

If you don’t know XP, you must be a Martian!

And, the last factor, familiarity brings a huge benefit when users switch to the ASUS Eee PC netbooks. Everything is pretty much in the same place as you’d expect, you can use the installed apps as you would on your home or work PC, and installing your favorite apps is a snap if you use a network drive or a USB key. If you use proprietary software, you may find that you already have enough licenses to cover your netbook with the family packs or corporate cover. Of course, opensource software is available everywhere, and reliable.

Overall, Linux is pretty much an also-ran, and Windows Seven isn’t released until later in 2009. This isn’t such a bad choice really: Most ASUS Eee PC netbooks now use this as the default, drivers and software are easily available, and it’s familiar to almost everyone.

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