’s sale: Last minute deals crash site! Get in while you can!

By | May 2, 2009’s becoming really popular for its last minute sale items in the electronics section. The last time I looked, the site refused my request! So if you’re looking for some great deals, you might want to wait until the site is less crowded before you try to snag some of those items.

During recessionary periods, like this, there are many tempting deals around but it’s wise to purchase things only that are necessary or you would have bought anyway. Discretionary spending really takes a backseat for most people.

Saying that, though, with my new N79 nokia phone, I got a fairly small memory card of 4gb, but it’s possible to purchase a slightly bigger micro-SDHC card. In fact, one of the cards is available at’s site for just under $20.

That is a great deal and includes free shipping (you’ll need to read the fine print). Though the brand is one I don’t recognize, I haven’t had problems with other memory cards from lesser brands. I don’t see why this one should be any different.

I wouldn’t recommend this card for hi-end DSLR cameras as you won’t find the write-speeds fast enough, but for every day use in your average Kodak or Panasonic type camera or mobile phone, it should function fine and enable you to store over 4000 pictures.

With these types of cards becoming increasingly common, I wonder how many people shoot a whole card and just keep it, instead of re-using it. At these prices, it’s feasible, if not particularly secure way to store photos longterm.