Before you Post an Image, think! For God’s Sake

By | June 30, 2014

You know, when people post images that they think are ‘cool’ in they own feed, they need to stop and think! Why? Because they images may be cool in they own head, but when they appear on other people’s feeds in FB, they can be alarming, offensive or worse.

I’m against the NRA, I’m against the US constitutional amendment that permits people to carry guns, and generally do not think that easy access to guns is a good idea, wherever we live. But then I’m European. We tend to think like that.

Seeing a kid holding a weapon to an adult’s head, even a fake weapon (that appears real), is not something we should EVER joke about. No matter how cute the kid is. After the dozens of deaths in school campuses across the States in the past few years, I’m surprised any American teacher can treat such incidents with such contempt, and ignore their own role in such a picture.

And indeed, one might get away with posting it, perhaps even for a long time… but unfortunate images posted on FB have in the past resulted in the termination of employment, legal prosecutions, and all manner of other issues.