Baseball vs. Cricket: Which do you prefer?

By | March 19, 2011
  • Fred: my bracket died on Thursday —– Morehead St. ugh!!!

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  • Me: bracket? You mean [ or ( or {??? Confused.

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  • Fred: ur funny!!! this bracket is what you fill out to pick winners in the NCAA basketball tournament!!!! it’s how teams are seeded in the tournament. 64 teams vying for the national championship… brackets are used in all kinds of sport competitions.. tennis for example… lol

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  • Fred: I filled out my bracket on ESPN and didn’t pick Morehead St. winning.

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  • Kenneth Dickson Oh, yeah. You Americans do play some strange games… I mean, basketball… I tell you, it will never catch on… Nor will that Baseball game… just weird… I mean a bunch of guys hitting a small ball around a field… where’s the fun in that ? How about this…… game?

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  • Kenneth Dickson Isn’t that much better?… 😛

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