Audiobooks: Whatever the technology – a good way to ‘read’ stuff!?

By | January 13, 2007

Audiobooks represent a great challenge to traditional reading methods, except for those who love books, as I do. But for those who can’t read, e.g. at the wheel of a car, on a bus, or otherwise disadvantaged, a service like Books on CD
will be a great boon whether you buy, rent or download.

That challenge is perhaps why when Books on CD with services in the U.S. and Canada faced all sorts of commercial problems and legal issues when they started up in the U.K. Of course, when you are breaking ground, it will never be easy!

In fact, even now, 95 per cent of Simply Audiobooks customers come from the United States, 4 per cent are from Canada and 1 per cent from Britain. “Rentals are unheard of” in Britain, Sanjay Singhal, chair and chief marketing officer says. “We’re the first to enter the British market.”

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