Are Children Language Learning Robots: Pressure and Students Learning of English

By | June 27, 2005

From the China Post, April 18th, 2005…

According to a recent poll, a vast majority of students feel immense
pressure to learn English.

The survey, organized by the People First Party caucus in the Taipei
City Council, polled 1,180 fifth and sixth graders about their reasons
for learning English. Eighty-eighty percent responded that they felt
intense pressure to learn the language while 84 percent studied
English at cram schools outside of their regular schoolwork.

Actually, this plays very nicely, albeit somewhat late!, into the
discussion of students learning of English… and their exam

Are we placing too much emphasis on ‘traditional’ learning methods, at
the expense of creating a positive environment for children to learn

For more discussion of this, please visit here and here where there’s been quite lively discussion of these issues.

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