Well, we’re into Week #3 of my diet program. I’ve succeeded in getting more exercise in the past week, and I’ve been trying to go to bed earlier, too.

If you remember, my five initial targets are:

  • 1. Drink more water: drink 1 liter of water a day.
  • 2. Cut out the soft drinks and snack food.
  • 3. Don’t eat carbs at or after dinner.
  • 4. Eat dinner before 10pm.
  • 5. Walk everyday (no matter how far).

I’m not really succeeding at #2 yet or #3 or #4. But I’m managing both #1 and #5 well enough to feel more confident. I hope this week, I’ll manage at least both of these with a better than 80% track record.

I’m still a long way from tackling actually losing weight, but I would rather avoid these best fat burners in the short term by laying a solid foundation for later success.