Diet Week #2: What now?

By | October 15, 2009

After an inauspicious start to my diet, I’m finding some things a little easier to deal with:

1. I’m now finding opportunities to go for a walk at least every other day. And it’s helping me sleep and get up earlier.
2. I’m finding ways to include more healthy food and avoiding some of the ‘nastier’ options out there.
3. It’s still difficult, but I’m no longer eat as much junk food. I used to eat some every day, but the more inclined I am to exercise, the less I find this a problem.
4. Though I weighed myself a few days ago, I found I had lost one kilogram, down to 102.6kg. I’m not sure how ‘real’ that weight loss is, since I only saw the number once.

Here’s hoping for more good news. Wishing you all well.