Good day Obblogatory Ramblings,
I’m looking for any contact details (email, phone number or mail address)
of the website owner or marketing person that I can communicate with for
possible business venture on website income opportunities. We are very much
interested to do business with you. Please send me an email together with
your website name and I’ll be glad to call you to discuss this matter.
Thank you

We occasionally receive crap like this in our junk mail, but more oddly, it is being posted through our contact froms. The odd thing is if they visited my blog, they would be able to contact me directly. Unfortunately, they can’t even tell me the name of my own website!

Most people who contact me through the site for advertising purposes simply state what they want. To that end, they already know my blog name, and probably my email address! Weird, huh!

This is sent out to thousands, in the hope 1% return the email. Are you kidding? Would you reply to this crap? I think I have to put up some anti-spam measures to stop this.

It gets old fast.