Two restaurants in Sanchih sit side-by-side but only one is worth visiting… on the famous bay area at Chien-Shui-Wan. We love going there because it’s a great place to eat, drink and watch the sun go down. While we differ on how see the restaurants, yesterday we went to two restaurants which, despite sitting next to each other, could not differ more dramatically in style, quality and value for money.

陽光舞浪–海岸餐廳 – Yahoo!奇摩部落格

and IL MARE – Yahoo!奇摩部落格.

One does delicious food served with flair, one serves packet soup. One has warm decor, the other cool decor. One has staff that are friendly and outgoing, the other the staff are cold and withdrawn.

Can you guess which one is worth visiting? Could this be the start of a series of reviews on my blog? I wonder…

Check out the blogs, decide for yourself, then go visit! I will reveal the answer …

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