I think there is a certain pandering to the political notion of being Chinese, but if you look under the surface, you’ll see that the political notion & the racial notions are very different. And in places, they will conflict… or harmonize. But MYJ is just doing what both LTH and CSB did previously, trying to redefine what cannot be simply defined.

The real question is not what shared past both sides have but what shared future they WANT to have, whether they see a role for both in a FUTURE China, or whether they have to be divided. My only concern is that there may be a huge political miscalculation by someone on either side of the strait, perhaps for local reasons, who might try to force a solution at a sensitive time.

The Chinese might try to invade (IMHO they could) but failure would come at a high cost internally. And remember a PRC invasion would have to win outright, but a successful defence doesn’t mean that Taiwan has to win outright. In Taiwan, a firebrand politico too keen on unification or independence could destabilize the policital scene …