If you’re happy toting around a large notebook from the early 2000’s, then you’ll be quite happy buying large usb dongles for all sorts of added functionality: memory cards, plugin mice, keyboards, Bluetooth, etc… So good deals in the Sale like the Kensington Bluetooth USB Adapter will make you happy! Why? It’s inexpensive, plugs into your notebook easily, and provides that missing Bluetooth connectivity that means you can connect to your phone, update your phonebook, and (perhaps) even surf the web without a wire! NICE!

But to the proud owners of the latest netbooks, USB Bluetooth adapters that are as big as these are really unsightly. Really. The bulge out of those notebooks. Hideous, especially if your netbook isn’t white! So why not get a USB Bluetooth bud. They’re a little more expensive than the regular sized ones, but they plugin and are very unobtrusive. One such product is the Cirago BTA-3210 Micro USB Bluetooth Adapter which looks like the bud on the flower stem.

It would easily fit into one of the USB slots on the left side or back of a modern netbook. Apart from a flashing light, you’d hardly notice it at all. Of course, you might be one of the lucky net book owners who already has onboard Bluetooth. Then you skip this review.

But me! I was an early adopter: my Acer AspireOne didn’t have Bluetooth at all so a bud was the way to go! Why would you care? If you are using a mobile phone to update your phonebook, surf the internet or download files to, packing one less cable into your small bag or purse makes a lot of sense: the cables are tangly, take up valuable space, easily tangled, and downright awkward. Wireless is much cooler. Much. See what I mean.

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