Having just finished updating over 200 pages to BB2, I have to say several things about the SBI system:

1. The SBI system is a database-driven system, pages are served from a large cache prepared by the page generator. But the database is massive, hugely complex, and accessible indirectly through the tools in SBI. Whether it is vulnerable like WP can be, I don’t know. I sincerely hope not. But hope isn’t a very good replacement for backing up your website!

2. That updating the pages in BB2 was a complete time-sink. In WordPress, the updates wouldn’t have been necessary, and even the tweaks that I added such as ‘nofollow’, open in new page, affiliate links, so on, would have been handled in seconds literally (how do I know this, because I already made these changes on my blog), not days. Let’s not mention the many, many other tasks that WordPress makes easy, but then WordPress is a great way to write for beginners & experienced people to create a website/blog. But it requires some skill, and there is little backup if you have issues… But most of all, …

3. WordPress is not a complete end2end business system, like SBI aims to be. And that’s the point. That’s what I’m here to learn. It teaches you how to pick your niche, how to write (for the most part), how to build a page (horrible experience that it still is, and UYOH isn’t better at all though updating is easy), how to do many things… SBI is a unique solution to one set of problems. It is not perfect, it is not even current in many ways… But if you’re here to learn the business system, it doesn’t need to be ‘bleeding edge’. It just has to work.

How do I know this? Because I blogged and ran a couple of WordPress sites from WP v1.3 ( I think ), I’ve used BB1/2, UYOH, Xsitepro, private hosting, and even a couple of HTML editors… but none of these can teach you the things that SBI can. They are not comparable tools by any means.
In fact, I think the name is something of a mis-nomer: SBI… the B should stand for ‘Business’ not Build.