I hope you don’t imagine that I got up EARLY to watch it! I didn’t really. It was mid-morning here! And on the news continuously on Sky. I didn’t agree with the way Sky presented the results… tended to give a very election style coverage of the results… like it mattered which districts actually voted for who. It was the total that mattered!

The debate in Scotland is much more complex than either the Yes or No would have you believe… it isn’t that Scots want to leave the UK, it’s that the way the UK has changed means that the rest of the UK has left Scotland & the NE.

The ramifications of Devo-MAX are huge, not just for Scotland. It may even herald a period of Federalism-type government for regions in the UK. If Scotland had left, it would have heralded huge political changes for the remainder of the UK. It seems that Scotland is the ONLY part of the UK where people are getting asked what kind of government they want.

That is the failure of Westminster to decentralize its powers, to listen carefully to what local UKers want, and to allow important (spending/taxing) decisions to be made locally around the country.