I have a mobile phone by Sharp GX31 that I bought for its multimedia capabilities… I was quite disappointed by the poor performance of the MP3 player (crude), the camera (low quality pictures, except in great light) and the movie features (highly pixelated, too short, and just useless). Also, I found the bridge from the memory card really slow reading the card. It’s fast enough for MP3s but slow when previewing pictures. So I am on the look out for a wonderful new phone.

The Sprint Red RAZR would be a great candidate for me, as it has high quality multimedia functions, with mobile TV (cool!) and a Music Store that you can download stuff from, in fact both of these offer streaming media, now that is what I call trendy. It’s got quite a sleak form factor that is noticeable in red. How many red phones have you seen? It’d be sure to attract some attention! I’d also need a good MP3 player so that I can listen to music without having to carry another Ipod or mp3 device.

However, the digital camera really isn’t much better than mine at 1.3 Megapixels and the zoom is a 4x Digital Zoom, which will reduce the quality of any zoom pictures. Optical zoom would be much more effective in producing clear images.

Another negative with Motorola phone is the need to purchase extra things that other companies include. In this case, it’s software to enable synchronizing with your pc. Now that’s bad. Also, when I purchased my Sharp phone, I was given, yes ‘given’, two chargers, two batteries, an earpiece, a car charger, and a software disk. When I bought a phone for my wife, a Panasonic, it was the same. I didn’t have to buy anything extra for quite some time. She only recently bought a battery for it.

However, my first phone was in fact a Motorola, though. I was less than impressed by the extra essentials that I had to buy: namely a car charger, additional charger, extra batteries, … . Also, I found the PIM features of most mobile phones poor in quality compared to a PALM pilot or mobile PC. So, I wouldn’t purchase the phone based on this need, either. Another issue that I found with Motorola was its clunky OS, which occasionally crashed. I think that’s a feature that has been talked about by other bloggers.

Overall, I’d recommend this phone for its size, its standby time and its cool design. Oh, and by the way, if you buy the phone, you can also support the fight against AIDS in South Africa ( a truly depressing situation! )! Now that ought to make you feel good every time you open your phone!

This post has been brought to you by Wirefly and my own ‘sharp’ words!