Losing Weight

It’s taken me two years to drop my weight from 106 to 88. Recently, weight loss has stalled after taking a break during the summer vacation. I called this consolidation, and actually it’s essential to maintaining weight loss. With scale inaccuracy a constant, I reckon I put on about 1kg in the UK, and 1kg after coming back.

HOWEVER, I recently set a goal of 83kgs by my birthday, a little under 3 months from now. It is a perfectly realistic goal of around 2kgs per month. But I’m having a little trouble getting started again. In February, there was urgency to bring my blood pressure under control. I don’t have that same urgency right now! My habits have been interrupted as well because of the 3-week vacation and stressful return to work. Now my phone is broken. So I have no way to track my exercise!!!

I restarted about 2 weeks ago, by beginning regular tracking then I added a food diary as a way to measure calories consumed. I have tried 8/16 restricted food intake and get close. But dinner is always too late. If I eat dinner at 6ish… I still feel hungry at 10pm! Breakfast is always after 11am. Mmm.

One of the benefits for the food diary is its habit forming requirements. Success in all ventures requires habit forming behavior. So I think even after a few days of checking, it’s helped to modify behavior.

Well, in retrospect, it worked well enough and now I have a handle on my dietary bad behaviors. I managed to lose the 2kgs again. But this food diary, however you choose to keep it, is a worthwhile endeavour.