Of 101, shopping and being a Party Pooper!

By | July 19, 2008

Christine and I went to 101 this evening but as the shops were closing around 9:30pm, I was not wanting to go home just yet… We stopped by M&S, StarBucks, Page One, and the food court in 101. By then, I was quite keen to buy some comfortable shoes and T-shirts from M&S, Christine was feeling home-ish so I had to give in and put off shopping till another day.

who wants a T

I also suggested that we go out for a drink, but she didn’t want to "flirt" either. So I called her a Party Pooper and swore I’d make some funny t shirts with those words emblazoned on the front AND on the back I’d print "I’m a party pooper and I’m proud of it!" Now where can I get them made?