One of my personal dreams in Taiwan is to own a four to twelve storey building so I can rent out the lower floors and live on the upper floors without any neighbors above me.

You’ve already read the Flatulant Neighbor story… right? Well, anyway this idea has a lot of benefits:

  • 1st floor: rent to a bank or post office on a bi-annual lease
  • 2nd floor: rent to a larger language school (ours?)
  • 3rd floor: rent as offices to companies needing floor space only
  • 4th floor: my own personal floor!
  • 5-7th floors: our living space(s); and
  • 8th floor: a top floor roof garden with shaded areas, a vegetable patch, decent garden lights, and a space for entertaining or having dinner.

I don’t know exactly how I would be able to do this in Zhuwei as the buildings here are all either VERY big or VERY old or VERY small. And it would cost hundreds of millions more than I have in the bank. But it’s a nice idea.