iRiver’s T30 goes 2GB

Like the T10 and U10-cum-Clix before it, the latest iRiver flash player to get the 2GB makeover is the T30. It’s as chunky and unshapely as ever, but damned if they didn’t double the memory — for iRiver Japan, anyway. Barring the addition of an FM tuner, it’s more of the same as far as we know and it’ll set you back ¥12,980 (about $110 US). Guess it’s only a matter of time then before it strikes these Yankee shores then, eh?

This is a seriously nice-looking device. I’ve become increasingly unimpressed with Ipod for a number of reasons, including the fact that its interface is really unnecessary dumb… MP3 players all work  like extra disks, so uploading, accessing and managing your music/files/applications or whatever is just like accessing a file/folder on your pc. Easy. Everything can be done from Explorer file manager if needs be. Easy. Simple. No extra software necessary.

But does IPod do this? No! it needs extra software to provide this basic function (in Mac/windows)! Ipods need XP or Macs, you can’t use them with (god forbid – win98) or linux. So why this ‘cult’ over the Ipod? 

I really dunno. Save yourself a lot of trouble from flaky hard disk troubles (in ipods), easily scratched/broken nano’s, iTunes limited software, and untold connection problems (oh, and a bunch of money), buy a device that supports multiple systems, multiple computers, multiple functions (yes, even apps), allows user control of the files, is simple to operate, connect, use and share… buy a regular MP3 player.


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