Can you tell me where you ended up going and also what your usual place is (somewhere they speak English preferably)… it’s not so urgent for me but I never had metal prints done before”

Mark P.

Metal Print Studio is where I’ve done the prints several times. I’ve also seen quite a few others done by them. The quality is outstandingly good IMO, service is decent and the packaging is top notch. The only problem I had was deciding how to hang the thing… I didn’t quite understand the hanging technology and the English wasn’t clear enough for me. They do have an English website for the most part it works well. They’re on holiday until 11/20 or so. In Taipei, JazzImage used to do them, but I was told they don’t now. They’re located in Nantou Tech park so no chance to visit them in Taipei AFAIK. There is an exhibition in TC with some of their work ATM

HOWEVER, I was told by the owner that they can’t do blacks so well (it’s a composite color?) so they vet pictures first. This was a while ago… could be that they’ve improved since then. But I think they’ll reject pictures that don’t look good. So there is some quality selection. I guess that’s good…

If you’re not sure, hold on… I’ll get one made and if you want to see it in real life, we can grab a lunch time coffee in Taipei!