I am a “what if” person. I often hate that fact about myself, but…it is what it is and I am who I am and sometimes I just can’t stop the “what if” machine in my head and it often leads to lack of analysis on my part and straight to panic.

Reply to my earlier post: That’s the visceral response that the manipulators want, I’m afraid. No checking, no asking difficult questions, no … well, can I think about it before I invest millions/bomb a country/lock up protestors/bail out x or y/sign a treaty/go on strike… and we are ALL vulnerable to it. Why? Perhaps we’re keen to believe what people tell us, perhaps we’re too trusting, too naive, too busy… who knows why.

So don’t feel bad. I’m sure I have been suckered into believing something and thought it was so until someone else started asking me the difficult questions. Lo! and behold! I didn’t have the answers… and the questions made more sense than what I had been told! Just don’t be afraid of the difficult questions, when they come.