As I was planning my next website on Travel to Taiwan, I began to think about hotels, as many of my keywords included hotel names. So how do people go about choosing a hotel they’ve never visited.

For example, if you are visiting Toronto, how do you decide which of the Toronto hotels you are going to stay in? Is it location? Star ratings? Price? Services? Amenities? Restaurant Quality? Recommendations?

I’ve stayed in some great hotels over the years, and some terrible ones, and most of the time I just don’t remember the terrible ones. I’ve often been surprised by little things: dirt on the floor, squeaky floor boards, price… who knows what?

I stayed in one hotel that boasted a service bus to the airport in the morning. I was shocked to find that even on queuing up for the bus, I still couldn’t get on. AND the staff didn’t care even though I was FIRST in the queue. They just shrugged their shoulders… But that’s what you should expect at Aberdeen hotels… poor quality and HIGH prices.

So how do you decide on which hotel you are going to stay in?