Hi-Yielding Stocks

CMO looks interesting, too.
amy – reit…
cvp worth watching over the next three months or so… as it is a recent ipo in the food services etc market. could be something I understand…
Ideal plan: split stocks into five or six at most (incl. dia?)
3000 or so in stocks with good results or short term potential
8000 or so in stocks with high income potential.
Divide by 4 stocks
on a basis of performance
10-20% Yield
regular dividend (monthly?)
income stock
and one other? select from list above.
How's about energy?

drip drip effect.
I want to start investing more $ in stocks and take a more proactive approach.
I will use this website

for finding high yielding stocks along with research from Yahoo! Finance, and backed up by info from DATEK.
Also, I don't want to invest in stocks that are energy stocks in Canada, though yields are good, the cross currency stuff makes things to complex right now, plus 15% tax on dividends. Why bother?

Other stuff to remember:
1. search hard drive for dividend info
2. search online pf on Yahoo
3. stock screeners
1. market guide
2. ragingbull.com
3. datek
4. and yahoo both normal and java

lastly, check out the message boards on ragingbull and on yahoo for these top tips, see what else comes up in the discussions.

Lastly, i might want to make a webpage with the right search boxes for the stuff I''m looking for, wonder how right now!