Who’d have thought? Dietary products that contain GREEN TEA! I have been following the diet fad industry for quite some time, ever since 2000 when I lost about 10 kilos through exercise, vegetables, and a variant of the Atkins diet.

One of the things that Atkins teaches is avoid caffeine because of its effect on heightening the pangs of hunger that go with a shot. So when I read of a fat loss product called nuphedra that actually included Chinese Green Tea, I was quite surprised.

Then I read further: three ingredients come directly from China – Green Tea, Ginger and Oolong Tea.

The Chinese have drunk Green Teas for generations and generally attribute them with increased health, longevity and well-being. Green Tea is unfermented and is high in vitamin C. The tea served is a light green shade, and smells somewhat like grass newly cut in summer! It is a wonderful smell.

I’ve found Oolong Tea is often served along with Yamcha or Dimsum in many parts of China, a meal that I love. The article then goes onto describe combining them, which is something never done by tea drinkers in this part of the world.

The other magic ingredient is Ginger. Its a great vegetable that can be used in making many different foods and remedies. In fact, one great product we buy in winter is Ginger Tea which, if taken early, can cause the body to ‘heat up’ before the flu takes hold. It can really help flu take hold, and I usually drink it when my throat starts feeling scratchy!

I won’t vouch for the other ingredients in this ‘fat burner’ product but the Chinese have certainly known about the effects of Tea, Oolong Tea and Ginger for many thousands of years. We’re just a little late to that party.