I was a fan of the Opera browser a long time ago before Firefox really had a presence in the browser market. So it took me a while to give up some of the features of Opera such as ‘paste and go’ that I really liked. Recently, though, I’ve begun to notice how much of a memory hog FF is becoming. While I’m using an old machine a P4 running at 2.4GHB with 756MB of Ram on XP SP 1/2/3, FF just starts to slow down the entire PC to a crawl.

In fact, I thought it was the PC at first but the same thing happens on two similar aged PCs with similar power. And it can be very frustrating to find that you have to twiddle your thumbs while the processor just crunches the numbers before the screen changes. FF didn’t use to be like, but it encouraged me to try Opera to see if the problem was the browser or my PC. So over the next few days, I’ll be doing most of my blogging stuff on Opera 10.00 to see if I can detect a problem.

I’ll be surprised if it turns out that the PC is just old. But who knows?