No wonder, my fingers are absolutely frozen at the moment. It’s quite difficult to type regularly on my blogs, because both my feet and hands are frozen. The floors here are all tiled, so the cold just rises through your legs all the day.

And tonight is even colder… take a look.

tonight's weather

Yes, we live on the edge of the North East Coast. It’s really beautiful in the summer, but on cold nights like tonight, we’re reminded of how cold it can be in the winter. It’s not the coldest place in Taiwan at the moment! Up in the mountains, Yushan recorded a -13.2C just last night! Alishan was a bit warmer! But still, I thought Taiwan was a tropical country. It feels more like a Northern European one at the moment! Trouble is: the houses are ill-equipped for winter – no insulation, no carpets, no central heating, no… FREEZING!

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