In the midst of the financial crisis, I started watching the TV show House of Cards from CNBC which investigated how the whole thing started, who was involved on either side of the deal, and what happened to the money.

This car was rented by one of the guys, Daniel Sadek, who bankrolled the movie to the tune of for a movie called Red Line with money raised from the marketing and selling of those CDOs that got everyone in trouble. IMDB rated this movie as 3.6/10. And it involved crashing two expensive cars, one of which was a Ferrari. It’s a pity more money wasn’t spent on important things like the script…! Eric Snider pretty much dissed the movie itself, except for the fast and furious driving! Which you may like.

Anyway, if Eddie Griffin is looking for Ferrari parts, and he’s going to need a few, I can recommend a few places but the prices won’t be cheap! So drive carefully, unless your wallet is loaded with ill-gotten real estate gains.