If you have never hosted your own website’s before, it’s actually not that complicated. But still those first steps into the unknown can be actually quite tricky. I’ve been a Dreamhost customer for quite some time, 2004 in fact. During that time, I’ve had good service, lots of space to grow, and some great tools!

Of Dreamhost, Servers and Coupons for all!

As I’m happy to report that I’ve been moved to a new Virtual Server, courtesy of Dreamhost. I had been thinking about it for a while, and finally opted to go for it after the problems with the blog on a shared server. You can check out how the PS works here. Since Dreamhost is now offering only one plan, I opted for that, and decided to spend the extra money on my server. Here are my stats for the last few days, it’s fun to see how things go up and down. There’s also a reboot server button for when things get sticky! It works a treat.


I’ll be doing a full review of the service in about a couple of weeks. Suffice to say, if you’re interested, you can use my special Dreamhost Coupon. To celebrate Dreamhost’s 10th birthday, I’m offering the Triple 10 – That’s get 10% more bandwidth, 10% more space, and 10% off the price, too, on ANY plan, and that’s in addition to the discounts that Dreamhost is offering for longer term contracts.

Payment Period









Two years



Three years



Five years



Ten years



If you’re interested, when you sign up, you can use the DreamHost Promo Coupon Code: DH10THBIRTHDAY . And yes, pass it on!