Condemn your acne today! or is that ‘condom’?

By | September 5, 2008

Acne has to be the scourge of young people everywhere, but today I was reading a wacky story about how a lubricant from a condom is a popular acne treatment in Cambodia!

This commercial is quite funny and illustrates the product that contains the acne gel. In fact, the curious side effect was first noted in the Phnom Penh Post “…I used to waste a lot of money on acne creams but they never worked. I started using the condoms on my skin after my friend who works at a factory in Phnom Penh told me that they helped to get rid of acne…” said a factory worker who asked not to be named!

It does make an interesting story but I have to wonder if the treatment is as effective in men as it is women. Let me try …