Chen is becoming isolated, even in Taiwan. Since Oct. 10th, it’s been quite clear that the DPP senior leadership have been shuffling around trying to distance themselves from the fallout that is coming over CSB’s wife’s indictment on fraud, embezzlement, etc.. Should the voters believe his words or his actions?

Few turned up at the Double Ten Day celebrations. A few have already quit the DPP. Some have been kicked out of the other Lee Teng Hui party, including Clara Chou, their representative in the upcoming mayoral elections for Taipei City. The party whip in both parties forbids debate of the issues in public, at the same time they are hoping by miracle of miracles that the people will suddenly come back to the DPP fold.

A supposedly democratic party at its root, it now forbids the discussion of such topics. It has outlawed the groups that make up the democratic process. It holds conferences on topics of economic development, only to disavow any critical motions. It’s okay to discuss what we tell you. Are these the actions of a party that supports democracy? Should the voters believe his words or his actions?

He sought to sow harmony, but we have all reaped disharmony. He fought, shouted and harrangued for unity, all the time undermining the ethnic groups that made up Taiwan’s complex society. He favored one group over another. He spoke one language over another. He spoke to his supporters in Tainan County, and ignored the voters in 90%+ of the rest of Taiwan. He has done this again and again. Should the voters believe his words or his actions?

Time and again, he has asked everyone to believe his words, only to be found out that he has been undermining his own words all the time, for the sake of a few voters in part of the country. Should the voters believe his words now?

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