Gambling is a passion for those who do…! Whatever the form, you will find gambling websites galore that cater to the particular niche! If you’re a pro-gambler, you’ll likely already know which sites are the best. If you’re not, then you’ll need a little help finding the best sites. It’s this group of gamblers, occasional or amateur or pleasure gamblers who’ll find resources like Online Casino Bluebook, which you can find at, very useful.


Find the best?

Online Casino Bluebook offers the simple proposition: Find the 10 best casinos as reviewed by experienced online gamblers. You’ll notice that this website isn’t a large website as such, but that it lists selected websites of the hundreds potentially available. In my book, this is an asset: too much of late, we’re presented with millions of results that are meaningless… why not have just a few links that are seriously useful. So having an online gambling or casino topsite will generate a lot of interest.


Design, usability and Content

The simplicity of the layout helps to support the purpose of the website, by funneling traffic to the websites in the list, after all. Overall, I’d have to rank usability as ‘good’ because of this, but there are some odd features that I’d like to note:

1. Why place the links to individual games so far down the page, and well below the crease – many gamblers favor particular games, and so would be interested to be able to find links to games in their niche. Make it easier for them by moving the links further up

2. Casino News is so out of date that I wonder why it’s there. There are plenty of ways to add news sections in your website , so that the information can be pulled in automatically. Why not go to Google News and create your own feed of news using key words? Then use the feed to create links on your site, automatically.

3. The problem of toplist sites is a simple one : you want to get traffic, visitors, registrations, and subscribers for your mailing list. But the success of your website entails sending traffic away to other sites in the directory, the toplist, or wherever else you ad. It would be a much better idea to create a reason for visitors to come back: some ideas could include – a blog with RSS feeds in which you post reviews, articles and tipsm and perhaps even a small forum for visitors to register and chat.

4. The overall design tends to look ‘generic’ (and I know all about ‘generic’!) as the colors and layout seem to shout standard template, standard colors, and other words we might associate with ‘generic’ as a term. I’d suggest that you try to find a more unique theme or even buy a theme from a designer. That should help to set your website apart.

5. The three “I’s” – Impartiality is important: I have checked through several of the reviews that are offered: Bingo for Money Review, Bingo Hall Casino Review, and so on. And I think there is a problem in the balance of reviews, though, that might make readers wary of the rest of the content. There are no negative comments on the casinos mentioned at all. There are no reasons offered for one casino to be rated 10/10 while another is 9/10 or 8/10. While the negative comments could be rated as ‘things to think about’ or ‘suggestions’, it would help to serve the notion that the website was impartial. As it is now, the sense of impartiality is missing.

6. Lastly, though, many visitors don’t like to see affiliate links, so I think a couple of changes should help: make it clear in the disclaimer page that the site uses affiliate links. But then use one of John Chow’s suggestions: use a php file to create the affiliate as a page . Read more there on how to do this.

With a fast server as you have, you should have no problem to add many of the features suggested. Doing so will help you to generate traffic, visitors, and SEO; and will make your website PROFITABLE!

Presented by Online Casino Bluebook .

Warning: Gambling is dangerous to your finances, relationships and health. Should you have any problems that you wish to deal with, look for support, counselling and advice from groups like Gamblers’ Anonymous.

In recent years, though, the US states and federal government have cracked down on online gambling, confiscating millions of players’ dollars, arresting people who have broken laws in the US, but not in Europe, and are ardently trying to prevent online casinos from  proliferating. It’s not my position to contest these actions, if you wish this situation changed, please contact your state and national legislators. Therefore, I cannot condone online gambling because of the additional burden of risk that it may place on gamblers’ shoulders.