I’ve been using a number of hosting companies over the past few years, including but not just limited to Bluehost, BlueFur, Dreamhost, MediaTemple, HostMonster, and a couple of smaller ones.

But when you are looking for simple hosting vs. dedicated web hosting, the whole situation changes: Why? Because with hosting simple sites, like this one, it’s relatively easier than hosting on a dedicated machine. The servicing company takes charge of the entire server. Admittedly, you don’t get to choose much of the installation but at least you get a working server and someone to help keep things going.

But when you go the dedicated route, it gets a lot tougher! I’d like someone to handle the installation and security and updates, etc. because I just want to get stuff done. I don’t want to worry about possible hackers at 3am in the morning.

Don’t get me wrong: I would do it, if I could. I’m looking at VPS type solutions, though as an intermediate step between the two. I get most of what I need, and a helping hand. I just don’t get to configure the server as I would wish, and that sometimes causes problems.

I’m looking at using a multi-user and multi-site installation for WordPress, but can’t get the domain wildcard properly set up under Dreamhost. Few of the admins seem to know what to do to fix the Server I use.

Nowadays, though I’m slowly moving away from blogging to more static site development, because I think the opportunities are much more solid… I guess I’ll keep the blogs I have but I won’t be adding any more unless I want to test a market or two.