I have been earning a bit of money by posting blog ads from Payperpost. Though I haven’t earned a lot of money, I think I made about $150 since I started three months ago. I did decide to use the money in non-traditional ways rather than just take it out and spend it.

First, I did decide to use the money from that to buy calendars that I made via Lulu. Have a look at one of my calendars (Pictures taken in 2005). I will be making more once I have a chance to look at what I have done so far. Perhaps I’ll make a calendar for several other places that I have been to. I did order one so when it comes I’ll place orders for my family who live in distant parts! I think since most of the pictures are summer pictures, that should warm their hearts a little!

Secondly, I’m also planning to use some of the money to open a CD! I’d like to earn a little interest from my endeavours. I think it’s a great way to use the money because it will create a small stream of income on a longer term basis.

Thirdly, I will use the money to pay for my own advertising of my blogs. I think that the blogging system seems to be great, so I might actually use it myself! I have looked at several other blog systems like this, and none have the traction that the Marketplace seems to have.

So I’d like to wish the staff a really HAPPY X’Mas 2006!